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Ernest and I do like ’em smart, as the way we have sex is sophisticated and it’s helpful when our partners are in on the game.

We set the room up for a basic session: suction machine, Magic Wands, lube, gloves, various fancy whips, my strap-on harness with a friendly 6″ toy attached.

It was easy to play Mother Superior simply by channeling my own mom. Weather I hope none of you have been adversely affected by either Irma or Maria.

I wish some of that water would come this way, as California is burning up.

I’ll greet them and then skedaddle for four hours before coming home to make dinner for everyone.

Sable is a hot milf and an occasional playmate to Ernest, though we’ve had our threesomes, too.

After the usual hellos and other pleasantries we got down to business: getting her out of that dress and into the collar and cuffs that I had laid out for her.

She held out each wrist sweetly and placed each foot onto the chair just so, so I could apply the cuffs. She lifted her hair and he kissed her neck before clicking shuttle little padlock.

If any of you are in non-monogamous marriages you’ll know that sometimes one’s social calendar is booked to the gills and sometimes it seems as if we’ll never have a threesome again.) New Playmate This recent Valentine’s Day Ernest and I had the pleasure of hosting a new playmate, whom I’ll christen “Euro Girl.” Euro Girl was introduced to me by a mutual friend.She’s 25 years old (the same age I was when I started porn, as it happens), 5’7″, dirty blonde hair, long legs, small, firm tits, cute shaved vulva and enough brains for any two people.SHOW SCHEDULE THROUGH OCTOBER NO SHOW September 21st SHOW September 28th NO SHOW October 5th SHOW October 12 NO SHOW October 19 SHOW October 26 Why The Long Absence from Here? Playtime However, our drought seems about to break.My friend, Keisha (some of you may remember her, though she’s been retired for about ten years, now), once said, “Don’t explain.” However, its been so. An old partner of Ernest’s, “F.,”has come back into his/our lives and she has a lovely partner she wants to share with us. Ernest is very hot for LG and I always like to facilitate a good time for others. I’m “dominissive,” in these situations: dominant over our guest (s) while remaining submissive to Ernest. and Ernest go back over twenty years and are very close.

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Plus, a lot of my energies have been taken up with the political landscape and that’s such a boner-killer I just didn’t want to go there.

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